Design Ideas You Can Use for That Empty Basement in Your Home

by | Sep 6, 2019 | Home Improvement

If you have a basement in your home, then it might be used for storage or even just an empty area that doesn’t really serve a specific purpose. Consider talking to a company that can perform basement finishing in Bloomfield, CT, so that you have a functional space for your family to use. The following are only a few ideas to consider if you’re unsure of what to do with the basement in your home.

Lounging Around

One of the design options to consider is a living room or a lounge where your family and guests can relax. You could design it with bright colors since there’s likely not a lot of light that enters the basement or with soothing colors if you want the design to be more like a study instead of a place that’s active.

Additional Bedrooms

Sometimes, you might need more space in your home for people to sleep. Your basement is an option for designing a bedroom for a college student, a teenager, or even a guest who spends the night at your home so that the person has their own space. When talking with a company that performs basement finishing in Bloomfield, CT, consider the details that you want to include in the bedroom, such as new walls, lights, and perhaps a small bathroom.

Play Area

When it’s raining outside or your children need a larger area for playing, your basement might be just the place to start. When you’re finishing your basement, paint the walls bright colors, and add a floor that’s comfortable to walk on and in the same bright colors and designs of the walls. Add a few toys that children can play with as well as a television, books, and a few comfortable chairs to create an area your children might not want to leave.