Planning a Spa for Your In-ground Pool

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Swimming Pools

Huntington Beach, California, is a great place for custom pools and spas. The weather is nearly perfect all year round. Since you can use it all the time, you’ll get value for your money and it’s likely to increase your home’s future sale price.

If you’re in the market to design custom pools and spas in Huntington Beach area, you and your family need to decide what extra features you might like to have. A spa is a popular choice. Since you’ll be digging up the yard anyway, it makes sense to add the spa from the start. With the spa attached to the side of the pool, you’ll have an easy transition between them. Hydrotherapy jets and seating create a healing environment too.

Fitness in the Water

One special kind of spa is an endless pool fitness system. It creates a current for users to swim against. It lets you exercise, even if your pool isn’t big enough for lap swimming. The fitness system pushes the current into the main pool area. After your workout, you can massage your muscles in the warm spa right next to the pool.

Planning Your Spa

As you work with a custom pools and spas builder in Huntington Beach, you will need to decide how big you want your spa to be, including how many people it will comfortably seat. Nothing is more annoying than trying to squeeze between your party guests. Custom pool and spa builders are experts at helping you and your family figure this out. Other things to think about are the cost of running it and the pump systems it will need. Many spa owners have discovered separate pumpd and heaters for the spa and the pool work well.

To find out more about adding a spa to your in-ground pool, connect with the custom pool building company, Aquanetic Pools.

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