The Importance of Installing a New Locking Solution in Suffolk County NY

by | May 13, 2019 | Home Security

Having a secure Locking Solution in Suffolk County NY can give peace of mind to many homeowners. However, at times the lock may not always be as reliable as one hopes. It is important that a homeowner chooses a locking system that is more efficient and reliable especially when moving into an older home.

Types of Locks

  • Many home insurance policies require to know what kind of lock type is installed on the home. Following is a list of more commonly known locks to help with the insurance identification process.
  • Mortice deadlocks. Mortice deadlocks are the most common types of locks. They require a key to open and lock it.
  • Nightlatches. This style of lock is also known as a “secondary lock”. They are available in two forms: standard and deadlocking.
  • Multi-point locking systems. A multi-point locking system has a minimum of three locking points that will all lock simultaneously with the turn of the key.

Installing a Lock

While many locks are easy to install on your own, at times it is best to consult with a professional locksmith to be sure that the lock is the right one for the home and to ensure proper installation.

Following is a list of tips for finding the perfect locksmith.

  • Ask for recommendations. Be sure to contact friends, family members, and neighbors for their recommendations of a reliable and reputable locksmith in the area.
  • Contact the business. Look for a business who will answer their phone with their full and legal business name.
  • Request an estimate. Requesting an estimate for how much the install will cost before the locksmith comes to the home will ensure that everything will fit within the homeowner’s budget.
  • Verify credentials. Verify that the hired locksmith is insured in case the repair leads to any damages. Be sure that the locksmith provides proper identification such as a business card, along with their license if applicable.

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