Westlake Village Luxury Ceramic Window Tint: Efficiency & Beauty

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Windows

Bringing the one-two punch of efficient and beautiful window tint to your home design saves money in the long run and elevates your home’s perceived value by ratcheting up its curb appeal. There are also many accessible, practical reasons to consider house glass tinting Westlake Village. The following are a handful of reasons to bear in mind.

Ceramic Window Tint: Cool, Calm, Collected

The sun brings and preserves life, but its UV rays are intensely ruinous. Window tint blocks UV rays from entering your home, helping you add value to your home, cut energy costs and protect your family (and your upholstery) from exposure to harmful UV rays.

House glass tinting Westlake Village also eliminates hot spots by reducing heat buildup. This reduction in heat and glare results in better indoor ambient temperature and improved visibility. Durable, hard-coat tinting film lends a layer of protection and structural reinforcement to each glass surface as well.

The film acts as a binding layer that holds shattered glass together in the event of violent weather or intentional breakage. Darker window shades also impart a uniform barrier of privacy to windows, letting in some light and preserving visibility while preventing gawking passersby from getting indoor glimpses.

Ceramic Window Tint: Brief Intro to Nano-Ceramic Technology

Not all window tinting is created equal. Nano-ceramic technology entails the infusion of microscopic titanium oxide particles into thin layers of film. The layers include several polyethylene terephthalate layers, a scratch resistant layer and several adhesive layers to ensure stability and resilience.

Combined and custom cut to your home’s specifications, nano-ceramic house glass tinting maintains window clarity, never fades, does not interfere with phone or radio signals, and slashes infrared heat levels. Depending on your needs, choose between major levels of shade intensity that permit 70%, 50% or 35% incoming light.

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