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    5 years ago · · Comments Off on What Are IPM Services in New Canaan CT

    What Are IPM Services in New Canaan CT

    IPM services, also known as integrated pest management services, are integral in keeping pests away. When pests are a problem in a lawn, seeking the professionals is the first step towards finding relief. Learning about IPM Services in New Canaan CT will help homeowners to better understand their options so they can make the right choices for their pest control needs.

    What Is Involved in IPM?

    IPM is not a one-time pest control service. There are multiple steps involved in the process. Understanding the steps involved in IPM Services in New Canaan CT will help homeowners to be properly prepared for these services.

    • Action thresholds are first set to determine whether or not pest control intervention is needed. It is not enough to simply see a single pest. The threshold must be set so the pest control professional will know when to employ the next steps in stopping any pest issues that may arise.
    • The pest control professional will need to identify the pests that are a problem on the property. Once the pests have been properly identified, they will be carefully monitored to ensure their populations are kept under control.
    • A big part of pest control management services is prevention. Preventative measures must be taken to ensure the pest population does not grow out of control. Preventative measures will help to keep the pests away so the property is safer from the risks of damage.
    • Property owners will be able to rest assured the IPM services also include pest control services. When the preventative measures are not enough to keep the pests at bay, the professionals will launch pest control services to immediately eradicate all stages of pest life on the property.

    Get Started Now

    Home and business owners want their property to be free of unwanted pests. If you are dealing with ongoing pest issues in your property, you can Request a Consultation Today. Contact the office today with any questions you may have. They will be happy to answer your questions and give you information on the services they provide. With these IPM services, your property can be free of unwanted pests.

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